Alabama Hemp Passes THC State Law Tests – 45 Licensed Growers OK To Cultivate

Hemp samples from 45 licensed growers received the great news. State inspectors announced that all the samples are in line with hemp state laws. 

Rick Pate, Alabama Agriculture Commissioner, said that these samples were tested and were found to contain below 0.3% THC, the legal amount by law. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

This announcement comes as good news for growers who were concerned that their crops might be destroyed if these tested above the accepted level. 

Growers across the state are cultivating hemp to manufacture CBD oil. CBD or cannabidiol is the therapeutic component of marijuana and is legal in many countries. Many licensed farmers started planting the state’s first legal hemp since 1937, and this test has eased their worries for the future of their hemp crops.

Cherokee County’s Bama Green owner David Johnson said that his company has a thousand hemp plants. He revealed that about half of his crops are in pots housed in a greenhouse while half are grown outdoors. 

Johnson said that his company was in the greenhouse business growing poinsettias since 1983. He admits that he has no experience growing hemp. “We’re kind of experimenting,” said the hemp company owner. 

Johnson also said that so far, his hemp plants are growing well, thanks to the techniques he used to grow flowers. 

So far, five South Alabama hemp producers have already harvested their crops. These will be sent to an expert to be turned to therapeutic CBD oil. Some producers are planning to use the state’s processors. Some are taking their hemp out of Alabama for processing.

Meanwhile, trespassers went inside a hemp field in Madison County. Apparently, they mistook hemp for marijuana and tried to tamper them.