Hawaii Hemp Crops with High THC had to be Destroyed

Hawaii state of agriculture has revealed that more than half of the state’s 2019 hemp harvest was destroyed due to high THC content. Government experts say that this was due to the absence of cultivars that will match Hawaii’s tropical climate. 

A total of 18 crops were destroyed while four more hemp farms were found to have illegal THC amounts. These companies were given waivers due to the THC levels close to the legal amount of 0.3%.

So far, Hawaii has provided permits to 30 companies to cultivate hemp. The state certainly has a huge challenge to create a thriving hemp industry. The state has predicted three to four crops yearly due to its tropical climate. 

However, the same tropical weather makes it difficult for local farmers to work with cultivars from Canada or Europe. The climate in these regions is composed of long summer days and cooler nights. 

In July, a bill that aims to create a permanent program for commercial hemp growing in the state was vetoed by Governor David Ige. The law also focused on growers to remove the flower and leaf material where CBD is found. The governor stated that he was also concerned that the bill prevented Hawaii’s ability to monitor hemp crops yearly.