Colombia-Sourced High-CBD Products For Sale in UK, EU

Hemp consumers in the United Kingdom and the European Union can soon purchase non-psychoactive cannabis products after the first shipment of the health-related goods from Colombia reached London late in July.

The first commercial export of the high-CBD products arrived in London’s Heathrow Airport on July 27, Bogota-based Clever Leaves announced, adding that the products will be available in the UK and some EU Member States after it cleared customs.

The Colombian firm did not specify when the products, exported as a food supplement, will go on sale, but said it could be purchased over the counter without a prescription. The first shipment was manufactured using low-THC cannabis and is being promoted as a commercial wellness product.

Unlike in North America, where there are specific distinctions between hemp and marijuana, Colombia only identifies cannabis products as psychoactive or non-psychoactive. Companies are allowed to produce CBD isolate or other CBD products given that they use only licensed genetics, which they can source from registered cultivars. Latest official government data showed there are only four companies registered with cultivars for both psychoactive and non-psychoactive genetics; another one has enrolled for psychoactive genetics alone.