Canadian Health Food Association Wants CBD To Be Accessible Over The Counter

A new campaign of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA) pushes for easier access to cannabidiol (CBD), saying that Canadians should be able to acquire CBD over-the-counter because it is a natural health product. 

Under the present laws and rules, CBD products are only purchasable through a doctor’s prescription, or from accredited recreational marijuana sellers. Dan Damers, vice president of CFHA government relations and regulatory affairs, said that during the current legislations do not make sense as it is easier to ‘get high’ than to get well.  

Furthermore, alternative health providers argue that the present conditions popularize the unregulated sale of CBD. 

Robert Assaf, part-owner of the Kardish Health Food Center in Ottawa said that his customers are locked into purchasing CBD either, through the black market, shipping from the United States, or through the few accredited retailers. 

“I’m frustrated by the fact that I’m essentially handcuffed from providing products that my customers want and can access through other channels,” Assaf added. 

CHFA also argued that allowing the sale of CBD through legitimate channels would allow for better research on CBD, its potential benefits and uses. 

Demers explained that CHFA has the evidence to back up that CBD is beneficial to health, and that they are asking the government to allow the selling of natural CBD health products.