CBD Ban Takes Effect in NYC: Food and Drinks Targeted

This week, New York City executed a citywide ban which prohibits the sale of any drinks or food that contain CBD. NYC implemented the ban a few days after the state representatives passed a bill permitting some CBD goods while excluding edibles. 

After the issuance of the US Food and Drug (FDA) last December, it is currently illegal in using cannabidiol as a preservative. The health department of NYC advanced with the veto and initiated a restriction on restaurants using CBD additive. 

According to the Daily News, now that the ban is official, NYC’s health examiners, during their tedious safety inspections, will search for beverages and food that contains cannabidiol. Starting October 1, if businesses get caught selling the prohibited items, they’ll either remove the items or pay fines of $250-$600.

For the meantime, the health inspectors will restraint CBD products found during the inspection. Other cities with a similar ban are Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Oregon, and San Diego.