FDA Pressed to Take Action

There has been a known budget amendment for the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from Democratic Rep. Jerry McNerney to set a “safe level for conventional foods and dietary supplements containing cannabidiol (CBD).” Health regulators from the state of California have mentioned how food should not contain any CBD extracts because of limitations from the FDA.

Since hemp is now being legalized in terms of management and transportation, food containing CBD is slowly starting to grow in the market. This may cause unwanted excess of CBD in food sold to unbeknownst consumers. In fact, hemp entrepreneurs stated that they did not know the daily limits or how much CBD is safe to intake in a single dose. This has also caused widespread confusion in the market where the states’ cannabis regulations allow marijuana-derived CBD and not hemp-derived.

Congress is urgently pressing the FDA to take action and set safe consumption levels for CBD manufacturers to avoid any permanent damage.