New Cannabis Policy Allows Passengers with Hemp-Derived Medicine

Passengers with limited kinds of CBD oil and medication can now fly without confrontation. This is because the TSA or the Transportation Security Administration has recently changed their cannabis policy, which allows passengers with such medications included in the Food and Drug Administration’s list to board the plane.

Before this new policy, should any cannabis products be found while checking the passenger’s luggage and carry on bags, the drug would have been surrendered. Last Sunday, TSA released an updated version of their “What Can I Bring?” guide for passengers that have included more medications. It was only last June when the FDA has decided to legalize Epidiolex, a drug used for treating children diagnosed with epilepsy. In a released statement by the TSA, they explained that the updated regulations were issued after they knew about the nature of the drug. They also said that the decision was made “to avoid confusion” if families will be allowed to bring the medication on their travel.

TSA’s newly published guidelines also included some cannabidiol oil if they are “produced within the regulations defined by law.” This is by the 2018 Farm Bill, the bill that made the legalization of hemp derivative.

It is still unclear how TSA agents will be able to differentiate between the products because they are still limited to screening the plane from potential threats that will be detrimental for the passengers and the plane. The agents are not responsible for searching for cannabis and illegal drugs. If they find anything suspicious, they must quickly turn it over to law enforcement.