What You Should Know About Hemp in Skincare Products

Since hemp is recently being produced in commercial industries, there is a growing amount of research on the effects of CBD on the skin. These studies have found that CBD relieves acne and inflammation on the surface.

Medical cannabis expert Dr. Junella Chin, D.O. uses creams infused with CBD on her patients. “I give the same CBD face cream to use post-procedures, like after Photofacials, Fraxel, and other laser treatments. It helps to soothe the skin, so it heals faster.” Dr. Chin also recommended skincare products with CBD for treating sunburn, “When applied to the skin, you’ll notice that sunburn will calm down a little quicker, with a similar effect to aloe.”

Aside from post-procedures and sunburn, Dr. Chin also talked about the calming effect of CBD on acne, “A lot of my patients have cystic acne, which can become very inflamed. I find that a CBD treatment really calms it down.” For sores or aches, Dr. Chin suggested to “apply the creams on tight muscles, areas where there have been injuries, or the abdominal and pelvic regions to ease pre-menstrual cramps.” Her patients like to use a specific product that contains CBD – Escape Artist Fast Relief Cream. You should apply a small drop of cream on the affected area three times a day, Dr. Chin added.

Identifying Skincare Products with CBD

Commercial production of hemp is making its debut across other industries, yet many skincare products in the market claim to contain CBD. Other products may contain another type of cannabis or property of hemp without quality and safety assurance. Upcoming beauty brand Dieu X Skincare co-founder Charlotte Palermino shares her knowledge of cannabis and what to look out for in skincare product labels.

Ask for proof. According to Palermino, you should inquire about the quality and safety of a brand’s skincare product that claims to contain CBD, “If you want to be sure the formula is the real deal, ask the brand for a Certificate of Analysis.” From here, you should have more information about how much CBD is present in the skincare product similar to the percentage of alcohol content in liquor.

Check the label. Palermino emphasized on the importance of being vigilant with the content of CBD-infused skincare products. The best way to choose the right skin care product is to read the contents and ingredients it uses. Skincare products with CBD should have terms including cannabis sativa extract, phytocannabidnoid rich, or PCR, whole plant hemp, cannabidiol, and phytocannabinoids. These properties are not byproducts of CBD which you should look. For unregulated, skincare products the falsely claim to incorporate CBD in its products, you should avoid these terms: hemp seed extract, hemp seed oil, and cannabis sativa oil. These are not CBD but byproducts of hemp. You may still use these byproducts for moisturizing your skin, but it does not alleviate skin problems.

Bottle size. “If you are looking for something potent, smaller bottles may have stronger dosing. If you see a huge container of CBD that does not cost much, it is probably diluted CBD. If there are only 100 milligrams in a three-ounce bottle of lotion, think about how much CBD is in each pump – it is not a lot.” Palermino explained that the potency or effectiveness of CBD could be measured by how many milligrams are present to the ounces of cream in the bottle. In general, larger quantities or more ounces of cream may weaken the effect of CBD.

Quantity of CBD. Palermino addressed the fact that “cosmetic companies must list their ingredients in order of potency.” “If you see fragrance above CBD or CBD as the last ingredient, it is probably not very strong and is really a marketing play,” Palermino added. You may get the most or least out of your CBD skincare product depending on where on the list of ingredients it is labeled. “If you do not see CBD or hemp extract or any of the words that denote CBD in the top half of the ingredient list, the dosing could be weak.”

Words of Wisdom and Samples of CBD Skincare Products

Palermino urges interested customers to “see who the founders are and who they’ve hired. Try and support brands run by women and people of color.” She referred to the stigma surrounding black people and cannabis addiction and hoped that people could fight this connotation by supporting hemp products.