Hawaii to Establish Permanent Hemp Program

Last Friday, a conference committee at the Hawaii Legislature came to a resolution to establish a permanent hemp-growing industry under Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture.

The Senate Bill 1353 is expected to make Hawaii aligned with the 2018 Federal Farm Act which aims to legalize hemp farming throughout the nation and to remove hemp from the group of substances under Schedule I drugs. Often a misconception, Hemp is a substance that doesn’t make people feel high.

According to Representative Richard Creagan on a press release, this an excellent news not only for the hemp and farming industry in Hawaii, but also for the entire well-being of the agricultural community in the state. He credited Senator Mike Gabbard for his utmost willingness to settle the legislation. Creagan also added that working on the bill took a lot of work, but finally they arrived on an agreement last Friday.

Representative Cynthia Thielen, who has expressed favor for hemp in Hawaii for a long time, said that the bill is also expected to open hemp farming industry to all farmers in Hawaii who are now allowed to apply for permits.

The estimate for the industrial hemp industry is thought to be around $22 billion.